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Marian Anderson


Recordings were chiefly made by Marian Anderson at her home in Danbury, Connecticut with her accompanist, Franz Rupp. The collection contains recordings of performances of complete works for voice and piano, works for solo piano, rehearsal sessions in which Anderson performs the vocal part of works in half-voice and without words, solo renderings of vocal parts by Anderson, solo and accompanied vocal exercises, and incomplete, or fragmented, performances of songs. Individual cataloging records have been created for recordings of complete songs. The collection also includes recordings of friends and family of Marian Anderson and performances by artists other than Anderson. 

You can see a full listing of the recordings in the Marian Anderson Papers and the Supplementary Papers by using Penn's Finding Aids and you can download a PDF version of the entire listing.
Finding Aid for Recordings

You can see copies for each item and its accompanying bibliographic data in the Library's new
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